The cost effective steps to hire a chef for your restaurant

How to Hire a chef ? Hiring a chef is..

The cost effective steps to hire a chef for your restaurant

How to Hire a chef ?

Hiring a chef is one of the largest challenges for a restaurant owner now a days.Finding a capable, trustworthy and hardworking cook for your restaurant can feel like looking for a “black cat in a coal cellar”? Despite the challenges of hire chef is a vital part to your business to be succeed.

Hire Chef


How can you over come from this problem?

we are happy ,you thought !!

so we at Kickstart Jobs found some cost effective steps to hire chef for your restaurant with less efforts.

Now imagine a solution which gives you only assessed candidates, makes sure they turn up for the interview and guarantees your hiring completion. And all this at a very minimum cost!
so we generated a technology called Autohire By creating a simple Dashboard that full fill your hiring requirements not only a chef but also all entry level requirements.
Want to give it a try,here is the link :-
5 steps of hiring-kickstart jobs
Great!!You have logged in, what’s next?
Recharge your wallet by following secured payment methods and create your vacancy that your business requires to grow.
now your work is done, let us find the best resources who can drive your business goal to the next level.Give us 2 days and we will be lining up the interviews for your chef hiring.
Now the wallet amount will only get deducted once your hiring process gets complete and the remaining amount left on your wallet can be used for the future hiring or withdrawn .

Now let us explain you about kickstart jobs and what we do?

We are the specialized hiring platform for Blue and Grey Collar Hiring.

Most of the target audience you are looking to hire(delivery boys, field sales, tele callers, office admin etc) do not regularly go to any online job site.This makes all the current database models(Naukri, Shine etc) very outdated when it comes to finding the right candidate. 10 phone numbers results in maybe 1 right candidate!
The only other option is local placement consultants which are very expensive and unreliable!so we have unique Kickstart referral model reducing overall cost and simultaneously improving customer satisfaction. We specialize in Delhi NCR and have served 450+  clients like Policy Bazar, Oyo Rooms,  Swiggy, Roadrunnr, FoodPanda, EYL Concierge, Flipkart, Amazon, Vertex, Aegis, Dial Homes, Rental Uncle and others.

                                                          So…. What do you think??

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